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Tb eNEWS - 11 - October 2017

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A webinar presenting the Diagnostic tool for TBC planners V.2.0
Photo: Boris Erg/IUCN
Photo: Boris Erg/IUCN

A webinar presenting IUCN WCPA’s Diagnostic tool for transboundary conservation planners was held on 19 February 2021. The webinar was hosted by IUCN’s Vital Sites: The Journey to Marseille. It gathered some of the key experts who have been involved in the development of the tool and its implementation. Facilitated by Kevan Zunckel, Chair of IUCN WCPA’s Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group (TBC SG), the webinar included presentations on the overall purpose and structure of the tool, experiences with the implementation of the tool in Europe and Africa, and experiences of using the tool as part of the academic educational process. The presenters included Maja Vasilijević, Vice Chair of IUCN WCPA’s TBC SG and Thematic Coordinator for Nature at NEEMO, Boris Erg, IUCN WCPA TBC SG’s Regional Coordinator for Europe and Director of IUCN ECARO, Dominique Verdugo, Sustainable Tourism Development Consultant, and Todd Walters, Executive Director of International Peace Park Expeditions.


The Diagnostic tool for transboundary conservation planners is a decision-making support tool that assesses the feasibility for transboundary conservation, leading to the institutionalization of transboundary cooperation. Version 2.0 of the tool was released in 2020, based on the knowledge presented in IUCN’s Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines ‘Transboundary Conservation: A systematic and integrated approach’ and feedback from the implementation of the tool.


To watch the webinar recording please follow the ink Vital Sites 2021 – Webinar: The Diagnostic Tool for Transboundary Conservation Planners - YouTube