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Tb eNEWS - 11 - October 2017

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TBCSG is looking for Regional Coordinators!
The Call for Regional Coordinators of the Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group -TBCSG- is open. Deadline for candidatures 10.09.2023

We are looking for suitable candidates who are interested to serve as Regional Coordinators the Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group-TBCSG.  The Regional Representatives form part of the TBCSG's Executive Committee.  As with the position on Co-Chairs and Senior Advisors, Regional Representatives also offer their services on voluntary basis. Their key roles and responsibilities include:


•            Participate in the development and implementation of the strategic plan;

•            Mobilise support for the implementation of the key initiatives and activities;

•            Grow the membership of the specialist group;

•            Engage, communicate and build awareness with key stakeholders about the objectives and strategic initiatives of the specialist group; and

•            Create a conducive environment for learning and knowledge sharing.


The Regional Representatives will represent the following regions:


•            East & South Africa

•            West & Central Africa

•            North Africa & West Asia

•            Asia

•            Central & South America

•            North America & the Caribbean

•            Europe


If you are MEMBER of the TBCSG and you are interested in this role, please submit a letter of interest and a short motivation, with a short presentation of your experience in transboundary conservation, to the Co-Chairs Stefania Petrosillo ( ) and Piet Theron ( ). Contact them for more information if needed.


Deadline for candidatures: 10th of September 2023