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Tb eNEWS - 11 - October 2017

IN FOCUS: Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland in the heart of Europe

A conservation atlas for transboundary conservation areas

Restoration of the Rio Bravo-Grande


1) Hands Across Borders, An International Workshop on Transboundary Conservation
Glacier National Park, USA, 13-18 September 2016

All relevant documents are available at:


2) TransParcNet meeting of the EUROPARC Federation
EUROPARC, Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland National Park Region, Bad Schandau, Germany, 7-9 June 2016

IUCN WCPA Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group: activities and plans (Maja Vasilijevic)

3) Biodiversity Conservation Challenges in the Asia-Pacific: the Trans-Boundary and Livelihood Dimensions

APFNet-KTC, SWFU, Royal Forestry Department of Thailand, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 1-13 November 2015

Transboundary conservation (Rahimatsah Amat)Transboundary parks ...following nature‘
Governance of transboundary conservation (Rahimatsah Amat) 

4) Capacity-building Workshop for East Asia and Southeast Asia on Achieving Aichi Biodiversity Targets 11 and 12
CBD Secretariat, Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China, Yanji, Jilin Province, China, 15-18 September 2015

Overview of transboundary conservation (Rahimatsah Amat)


5) International Workshop and Training on The Role of Natural World Heritage Sites in Disaster Risk Reduction,
UNESCO C2C, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, India, 24-28 August 2015

Overview of transboundary conservation (Rahimatsah Amat)


6) World Leaders Conservation Forum, Jeju, Republic of Korea, 7-9 July 2015

Facilitating Transboundary Conservation and Peace Building – Programme 

Global trends in transboundary conservation and peace building (Kevan Zunckel) 


7) Little Sydney: Protecting Nature in Europe, IUCN WCPA, Hainburg, Austria, 28-31 May 2015

IUCN WCPA Best Practice Guidelines on transboundary conservation (Maja Vasilijević)

Working session 1B2: Inclusion of biodiversity conservation at land- and seascape levels into global database
Database of Transboundary Conservation Areas (Maja Vasilijević)

Working session 4A2: Transboundary parks: not only to understand each other, but to cooperate
Transboundary parks (Jakub Kašpar)

Transboundary Parks Network. The Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland National Parks example (DE/CZ) (Handrij Härtel)

Little Sydney outcomes - Summary of discussions


8) IUCN World Parks Congress, Sydney, Australia, 12-19 November 2014

Governance of Transboundary Conservation Areas, 17 November 2014


Key transboundary conservation governance principles (Matthew McKinney and Maja Vasilijević)
Crown of the Continent (Gary Tabor)
SADC Best Practices for TFCA management and implementation (Kevan Zunckel)
Integrated conservation and development transboundary initiatives in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region (Nakul Chettri)
TransParcNet – European network of transboundary protected areas (Kari Lahti, Jakub Kašpar, Handrij Härtel)
Transboundary marine corridor for large cetaceans in Ombai Strait (Benjamin Kahn)
Transboundary governance in the Putumayo River (Sandra Valenzuela)


Transboundary Conservation: A systematic and integrated approach. Presenting IUCN WCPA Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines on Transboundary Conservation, 18 November 2014


WCPA Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines on transboundary conservation: Key concepts (Matthew McKinney and Kevan Zunckel)


9) International Symposium on Biodiversity Conservation and Peace Building in the Korean DMZ, Jeju, Republic of Korea, 8 October 2014


A Statement on Transboundary Conservation for Biodiversity and Peace, developed by WCPA Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group in cooperation with Korea National Park Service


10) International workshop on defining transboundary conservation principles, IUCN WCPA Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group, Thayatal National Park, Austria, 16-18 October 2013

Download the following:

Participants list

Workshop report


16 October 2013
TBC and WCPA Best Practice Guidelines Series (Maja Vasilijević)
CBD’s requirements on transboundary conservation (Boris Erg)
TBC and international designations (Cristian Remus-Papp)
TBC and connectivity (Olivier Chassot)
Involvement of communities in TBC initiatives (Andrew Dunn)
Legal aspects of TBC (Tatjana Rosen Michel)
Political implications of TBC (Elizabeth Koch Ya’ari)

17 October 2013
Definitions & Governance of Transboundary Conservation (Michael Schoon and Matthew McKinney)
Thayatal-Podyjí National Parks TBPA (Robert Brunner)
First penta-lateral Biosphere Reserve in the World: The story about Mura-Drava-Danube region (Irma Popović Dujmović)
European TransParcNet with special emphasis on Finnish transboundary cooperation (Kari Lahti)
EGTC European Park Alpi Marittime/Mercantour (Patrizia Rossi)
Transboundary Landscape Conservation and Development Initiatives in the Hindu Kush Himalayas (Sunita Chaudhary)
Measuring success in TFCA Development: Performance Auditing - The Southern African Approach (Kevan Zunckel)
Selection of case studies (Boris Erg)
Preparation for the World Parks Congress 2014 (Maja Vasilijević)
Timeframe & Conclusions (Maja Vasilijević, Tatjana Rosen Michel)


11)  International Conference on Conservation and Peaceful Use of the Korean DMZ, Korea National Parks Service, Goseong, South Korea, 11-13 November 2010. Programme is available at:

Download the Conference Proceedings and Framework for Action

12) 17th Science Symposium: Transboundary Conservation Areas, Biodiversity Conservation and Peace Parks, GBIF, Suwon, South Korea, 12-15 October 2010. Programme is available at:

13)   Workshop: European Protected Areas and UNESCO Designations, Italian National Research Council, Rome, Italy, 28 September 2010. Presentations are available at:

14)   International Conference on Biodiversity Conservation in Transboundary Tropical Forests, ITTO, Quito, Ecuador, 21-24 July 2010. Presentations are available at:

15)   International Conference on Transboundary Cooperation in the Dinaric Arc, IUCN-SNV-WWF, ÄŒapljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 29 June-1 July 2010. Presentations are available at:

16)  IUCN 3rd World Conservation Congress, 2004, Bangkok, Thailand

- Transboundary Conservation: Knowledge Networks and Good Governance by Trevor Sandwith view
- Organizational Dynamics of Transboundary Collaboration: Leading Efforts in Large Systems Change by John Griffin view
- A Proposed Typology of Transboundary Conservation and Development Initiatives by Leo Braack view
- Transboundary Knowledge Networking by Charles Besançon view
- Implementing Transboundary Conservation Through Networking and Capacity Development by Werner Myburgh view
- Nomination of Large Scale Physiographic and Cultural Phenomena as Serial World Heritage Routes: The Great Rift Valley (GRV) by Yoav Sagi view 

17)  IUCN Vth World Parks Congress, 2003, Durban, South Africa

- Keynote Presentation: Transboundary Protected Areas As A Vehicle For Peaceful Co-Operation by Gerardo Budowski view
- Impacts of Transboundary Protected Areas on Local Communities in Three Southern African Initiatives by Simon Metcalfe view
- Promoting Conflict Sensitivity in Transboundary Protected Areas: A Role For Peace And Conflict Impact Assessments by Anne Hammill and Charles Besancon view
- Evaluating Transboundary Protected Areas: Achieving Biodiversity Targets by Belinda Reyers view
- The Effort Of The Private Sector In The Protection Of Transboundary Areas: The "El Corbalán-Cañada El Carmen" Private Transboundary Conservation Area Between Bolivia And Paraguay by Gerardo Budowski, Celeste Acevedo, Sheila Abed, Jorge Pinazzo, Patricia Abed, Rodrigo Ayala, Cecilia Cortez and Verónica Sanjinés view
- Cordillera del Condor (Peru-Ecuador) by Carlos F. Ponce and Fernando Ghersi view
- Transboundary parks ...following nature's design by Eva Pongratz LAUNCH view
- Siachen Peace Park: a case study for the valorisation of high mountain ecosystems by Giuliano Tallone view
- Legal and Institutional Implications of Systemic Planning and Management of Transboundary Protected Areas - a comparative analysis of case studies from the Italian Development Cooperation by Gianfranco Tamburelli and Alfredo Guillet view
- Transfrontier conservation areas: conservation and socio-economic impact indicators by Helen Suich, et al. view
- Peace Parks in the Balkans - Prokletije, Sar-planina by Srdjan Marincic view
- The Potential for a Transboundary Protected Area in the Kanchanjungha Region of the Eastern Himalayas by Krishna Prasad Oli view
- Transboundary Protected Area governance: tensions and paradoxes by William Wolmer view
- Download a set of all the above papers from the Transboundary Governance session at the World Parks Congress WinZip archive

18)  Transboundary Peace Climb
Read the statement from the Peace Climb participants at the Mountain Workshop held prior to the 2003 World Parks Congress in the Maloti-Drakensberg mountains at the border of Lesotho and South Africa.

19)  A Meeting of the Minds
An International Tropical Timber Organization/World Conservation Union paper summarizing the findings of the International Workshop on Increasing the Effectiveness of Transboundary Conservation Areas in Tropical Forests, held 17–21 February 2003 in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand (444 KB)