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New IUCN WCPA Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines on transboundary conservation now available online. Read the news here and download the Guidelines here.

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What TBC SG membership entails

Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group (TBC SG), as part of IUCN WCPA, relies primarily on its voluntary membership. To qualify for the TBC SG membership, individuals must be WCPA members. However, the TBC SG administers a database and a listserv which consist of:

    a) TBC SG members - who are also WCPA members; and
    b) TBC SG network members - wider group of individuals who are not WCPA members.

Following through the TBC SG membership procedure and inclusion in the listserv does not imply membership of the TBC SG nor IUCN WCPA, unless individuals already are the WCPA members. We are happy that we can offer a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience to all individuals interested in transboundary conservation, which is why we gather both WCPA and non-WCPA members in our network.

The TBC SG leadership will encourage those individuals who make regular contributions to the work of the Specialist Group, and who are not yet WCPA members, to join IUCN WCPA. More information on IUCN WCPA membership can be found on WCPA website here.


Why become a member

By joining TBC SG:

a) you become part of a wide and well-established global network of experts in transboundary conservation, which enables knowledge exchange and sharing of information and experiences related to transboundary conservation;

b) you are able to communicate, share your insights, and seek advice from protected area managers, experts from international organisations, academic specialists, government and non-government officials that form part of our network;

c) you can distribute news about your work in TB eNEWS newsletter;

d) you can present your work at this website;

e) you get an opportunity to represent TBC SG at conferences and/or workshops

f) you can cooperate on potential joint publications and projects

g) you provide support for the overall work of the TBC SG.

How to become a member

To become a member of the TBC SG network, please complete the application form here.

For any questions related to membership, please contact:
Naomi Doak, Membership Officer, WCPA TBC SG