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Tb eNEWS - 11 - October 2017

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A conservation atlas for transboundary conservation areas

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Diagnostic tool for transboundary conservation planners

Is there a need for transboundary conservation approach in your region?

Are the key stakeholders ready to support and engage in the transboundary initiative?

What capacities are needed to successfully implement the transboundary initiative?

Are there any risks that might hold back the process?

Which elements could potentially fasten the process?

Which opportunities can be generated by potential transboundary initiative?

These are some of the key questions the new Diagnostic tool for transboundary conservation planners tries to respond to with the aim to guide you in efficiently planning a successful transboundary conservation initiative.

The diagnostic tool was developed by IUCN WCPA Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group for the purpose of a 2012 IUCN WCPA publication Initiating effective transboundary conservation: A practitioner’s guideline based on the experience from the Dinaric Arc, edited by Boris Erg, Maja Vasilijević and Matthew McKinney (funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland). While the printed edition of the tool foresees manual scoring and report writing, this electronic edition offers automatic scoring and automatic report development. The tool consists of 91 questions easily completed in the excel edition available on this website. Once completed, the generated report provides an overview of the most important issues for initiating a transboundary conservation process in your particular region.

To undertake the questionnaire, please download the diagnostic tool bellow. Full instructions, questionnaire and the automatically generated report are included in the above website link.

Please note this is the first edition of the tool and we are looking forward to your feedback (based on its implementation in different regions) in order to improve the future edition.

We are thankful to Ms. Jennifer Latessa for facilitating the translation of the tool into Thai and Burmese as part of her graduate thesis research. Jennifer is evaluating the Tenessarim or Tanintharyi Mountain Range, between Thailand and Myanmar or Burma as a potential transboundary protected area. Many thanks also to the translators into Thai: Yuwadee Ongkosit, Pechladda Pechpakdee, Sunida Chinnawong, Jenjira Namuangruk and Chainat La-ongmani, and into Burmese:  Nyo Min.


English: The diagnostic tool
Thai: The diagnostic tool
Burmese (Zawgyi font is needed to open this version): The diagnostic tool


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