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Tb eNEWS - 8 - December 2013 - newsletter cover
Tb eNEWS - 8 - December 2013

Assess the feasibility of transboundary conservation in your region by using a new diagnostic tool developed for transboundary conservation planners.
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Our members

IUCN WCPA Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group (TBC SG) members, including the wider network members, represent a variety of institutions, such as local governments, non-governmental organisations, international organisations and research institutions. Our members are scientists, conservation practitioners involved in day to day activities in the field, officials from protected area related organisations and experts in the fields of TBC SG interest. What is common to all our members is that they all have interest in, or work on, transboundary conservation. Our members are involved in multiple and varied projects and initiatives including, but not limited to: Facilitating transboundary cooperation in the post-conflict zone of South-Eastern Europe; Celebrating years of cooperative relationship in North America; Engaging in the planning of mega corridors in Mesoamerica and Central Asia; Establishing transboundary marine protected areas; Advising the parties in establishment of transboundary protected areas in South-Eastern Asia. These are just a few initiatives our network is engaged in. In summary, the TBC SG network brings valuable experience and innovative thinking on the development of transboundary practice to the wider world. As of January 2011, the TBC SG network consists of 196 volunteer members coming from different institutions and from all parts of the world. Our membership is very dynamic and the Membership Database is updated regularly. This website will provide the most current database possible.

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